2014 FIFA World Cup with RFID Ticketing Presents Cautionary Tale

23rd June 2014

While hundreds of thousands of fans are having the time of their lives at the 2014 FIFA World Cup this month, a significant number of ticket holders will be turned away. In fact, at least 50 people were turned away during the first two days alone after trying to enter with fake tickets.

In a resulting news story, a Sky Sports reporter claimed that the sophistication adopted by the forgers makes the forgeries ‘almost impossible to detect’ because the fake tickets ‘look very, very real’. However, although the tickets may fool consumers, they would never fool our customers because the authentic tickets contain an embedded RFID chip easily read by TSL’s RFID readers.

As a major provider of RFID ticketing readers, such as the 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader, TSL understands the importance of creating the best possible first impression. Rapid validation of leisure tickets helps to avoid long queues for a more enjoyable experience.

In addition to verifying authenticity, RFID leisure ticketing can provide other important benefits, including person identification, GPS tracking and simplified photography captioning. Likewise, RFID ticketing can be used to enhance personal security by tracking customers going off to remote locations such as ski slopes.

1128-UHF-Reader-with-Apple-iPod-touch2-1024x768In fact, rugged, handheld TSL Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers are used on ski slopes at Vail Resorts, the premier mountain resort company in the world. At Vail Resorts’ six luxury locations in Colorado and California, lift tickets and passes embedded with UHF RFID tags are worn by the skiers, either on the chest or arm pocket. Action photographers then scan the RFID tickets, allowing them to easily identify individuals on the slopes and send captioned photos to the skiers to be uploaded to social networks.

When dealing with guests at a luxury resort, or crowds of soccer fans at the World Cup, the use of RFID ticketing is a simple, efficient and effective solution to reach your GOAL!