Android RFID Tag Finder App Now Supports GS1 Encoded Assets

2nd January 2015


RFID Tag Finder Android

Google Play Store

Happy New Year! The elves at TSL have been hard at work, posting the latest version of TSL’s RFID Tag Finder app to the Google play store. The new RFID Tag Finder application for Android devices now supports the ability to locate SGTIN-96 and GRAI-96 encoded tags.

The location of standardized SGTIN-96 encoded assets is simplified by entering GS1 standard identifiers such as GTIN-8, 12,13 or 14, or simply using the Item Reference number. In addition, GRAI-96 encoded assets can also be targeted by using GRAI codes or plain asset types.

The Tag Finder app can be optimized for your asset environment, using the built-in, default configurations or a user-specified operation. Furthermore, all necessary encoding configurations can be achieved by simply scanning an RFID tag in the desired format.

Finding lost items has never been easier, even in large warehouses or cluttered store rooms. This time savings can be critical, for example, when locating products in a mail order fulfillment center, or for customer in-store pickup.

Download the free RFID Tag Finder application for Android devices from the Google Play store:

TSL’s versatile RFID Tag Finder app is one of a series of applications designed for ASCII 2-compatible, Bluetooth® UHF readers, such as the high-performance TSL 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader.


About RFID Tag Finder:

Using responsive, audible, signal-strength feedback and a dynamic graphical signal meter RFID Tag Finder allows you to rapidly sweep large areas and hone in on just the asset you are looking for. Alternatively, configure Tag Finder to only detect when the asset is very nearby – allowing rooms full of cages, boxes and racks to be rapidly and efficiently searched. Using the built-in, default configurations or a fully, user-specified operation, Tag Finder can be optimized for your asset environment.

RFID Tag Finder provides three search modes optimised for locating:

    • a unique tag identifier
    • an identifier matching a few tags
    • an identifier matching many tags


A useful, in-built tag scanning screen generates a list of nearby tags, ranked by signal strength to quickly provide a target identifier when demonstrating or familiarising yourself with the operation of the App.

RFID Tag Finder uses TSL’s sophisticated, parameterised, ASCII protocol which provides developers with a powerful set of commands to carry out complex UHF RFID transponder operations in a simple, easy to grasp way. Using these simple pre-configured ASCII commands, any TSL ASCII2-compatible UHF RFID reader can be rapidly integrated into applications resulting in un-paralleled levels of productivity.

Please note that to explore the full capabilities of RFID Tag Finder requires the TSL 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader or other TSL ASCII2-compatible UHF reader.


About TSL

Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd (TSL) specialises in the design, development and manufacture of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and other multi-technology mobile device peripherals that are used to track products, assets, data or personnel. RFID devices are typically used in transport logistics, stock inventory control, and collection of personal data and attendance.