Android Software Development Kit for UHF RFID Readers

16th October 2013


This SDK has been developed specifically to integrate our range of UHF RFID Readers with Android software.

The Android Software Development Kit features:

    • AsciiProtocol – a set of easy-to-use Java classes encapsulating the TSL UHF ASCII 2 protocol – provided as an Android library project.
    • TSL ASCII 2 SDK Documentation – available in Javadoc format for integration with the Android Developer Toolkit (ADT) or other IDEs.
    • SimpleInventoryAsciiTwo – quick-start Sample ADT Project that demonstrates:
      • Discovering, pairing and connecting to the 1128
      • Use of the InventoryCommand and BarcodeCommand classes to (asynchronously) read transponder and barcode data
      • Synchronous operation of other AsciiProtocol commands such as ReadTransponderCommand and WriteSingleTransponderCommand.


The SDK can be downloaded right now from the ‘Downloads’ section of our 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader  (free registration is required to download files).