RFID Explorer 2

4th April 2018

This version of RFID Explorer 2 for Android, with the same feature set as the Play Store App, provides support for the ePop-Loq® connector on 2128 and IH21 Readers. With a terminal in an ePop-Loq® case and mounted on the 2128/IH21 Reader, a 'TSL Reader' option will be available in the Select Reader screen. The Reader needs to have the ePop-Loq® connector in Charge and data mode (use TSL Reader Configuration App to change this).


  • Minimum required version of Android now 4.1 (Jelly Bean)


  • Improved support for reader sharing with other apps
  • Added reconnect to last connected reader
  • Inventory Session & Display options now saved
  • Added reader images to connect page list


  • Added support for new 2128 (IH21) UHF reader
  • Added support for changing Inventory Sessions
  • Fixed issue with Output Power level not always being set
  • Various minor bug-fixes

Title:RFID Explorer 2
Released:April 4, 2018
File Size:26.71 MB
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