RFID Tag Finder (ePop-Loq® version)

21st February 2018

This special version of RFID Tag Finder for Android, with the same feature set as the Play Store App, is able to connect to Readers with ePop-Loq® connectors, such as the 2128 , 218P and 2166 UHF RFID Readers. Snap a terminal, in an ePop-Loq® case, onto the Reader and the App will automatically launch, connect and be ready for use!

Note that there is no support for Bluetooth® device connections in this version. This App can be installed along-side the Play Store (Bluetooth®) version and will identify as "TSL ePL Tag Finder".

Title:RFID Tag Finder (ePop-Loq® version)
Released:February 21, 2018
File Size:3.15 MB
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