• Version: 2.8.0
  • File Size: 6.72 MB
  • Date: May 21, 2024

TSL ASCII Software Development Kit – for Android™

This release of the native Android SDK introduces ASCII Protocol 3.0 - the backwardly compatible, evolution of TSL's ASCII Protocol 2. The ASCII Protocol 3.0 update provides support for TSL Series 3 Readers, such as the recently introduced 3166 UHF RAIN RFID Reader.

Additions to the protocol include:

  • The LinkProfileCommand to allow access to the new, faster Series 3 RF Modes.
  • A SelectPause parameter, on the ReadTransponderCommand, to provide the carrier wave needed for optimal reading of Magnus S3 temperature Sensor Tags e.g. HID Sense Passive, Axzon etc...
  • A new SystemCommand that can be used to alter the baud rate of the ePop-Loq connection and adjust the volume of system sounds, such as the power on beep.
  • An AlertVolume parameter, on the AlertCommand, that allows fine-grained control of the alert volume (0-100%).

See the included "Version History.txt" file for full details.

The SDK also sees the introduction of:

  • An improved Inventory Sample Project that can access the Series 3 Reader RF Modes for significantly faster tag read rates.
  • A new Sample Code project, for accessing Magnus S3 Temperature Sensor Tags demonstrating all the steps required to reliably access temperature, sensor and RSSI values.
  • A reworked LicenceKey Project that demonstrates the use of an Asymmetric Public Key Cryptography signature approach.

The v2.8.0 SDK is built for Android API Level 34.

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