iOS Software Development Kit for UHF RFID Readers

17th October 2013

iOS SDK Software Development Kit for UHF RFID Readers

We are pleased to announce a major update to the TSL UHF ASCII 2 SDK for iOS which has now reached v1.0.0. This release brings full iOS support for the ASCII protocol version 2.1. Featuring 13 new commands, updates to existing commands, the addition of Block-based event handlers for improved handling of transponder responses and new responseBegan and responseEnded events, the v1.0.0 release provides the best development kit yet for iOS developers working with TSL’s new 1128 Bluetooth® Handheld UHF RFID Reader


The iOS Software Development Kit features:

    • TSLAsciiCommands.framework – a set of easy-to-use Objective C classes encapsulating the TSL UHF ASCII 2 protocol provided as a universal static framework that can be used with both iOS devices and the iOS simulator
    • TSL ASCII 2 SDK Documentation – available as a docset for integration within Xcode and in HTML format
    • Quick-start Sample Xcode Projects
      • Inventory – Demonstrates connecting to the 1128 and the use of the TSLInventoryCommand
      • ReadWrite – Demonstrates the use of the TSLReadTransponder and TSLWriteSingleTransponder commands
      • Trigger – An example of how to use the device trigger to initiate operations in the application using TSLSwitchActionCommandTSLSwitchStateCommand and TSLSwitchResponder
      • TSLTerm – A simple terminal program that allows users to experiment with the raw ASCII 2 protocol


The SDK can be downloaded right now from the ‘Downloads’ section of our 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader (free registration is required to download files). A full list of changes can be viewed in the accompanying Readme file.