iOS UHF Software Development Kit now updated to v1.1.0

16th September 2014



We are pleased to announce that TSL’s iOS UHF ASCII 2.0 SDK for the 1128 Bluetooth® Handheld UHF RFID Reader has been updated to v1.1.0.

The iOS v1.1.0 SDK release features:

    • The addition of native 64-bit binary support to the TSLAsciiCommands framework.
    • Full support for the latest ASCII protocol v2.2 through two new commands and several new parameters on existing commands.
    • All Sample projects updated for iOS7 and feature a new reader selection screen.
    • A new Licence Key Sample project that demonstrates the use of the new .lk command to store and retrieve licence key files from ASCII 2 compatible TSL readers.  The Licence Key project also gives an example of how the licence key can be used to only permit authorised readers to communicate with the App.


This release can be downloaded as a zip file from the 1128’s Downloads Page (free registration is required to download files).