New Apps from Tagit Solutions Inc.

16th February 2016

Two new apps from Tagit Solutions Inc. have just been added to our Third-Party Apps page – Tagit Operator and TagVUE MX:


TagVUE MX enables various RFID tag operations to be performed like inventory, proximity lookup, tag identification, etc. The app can sync with different custom endpoints.

Tagit’s tagVUE applications connect your enterprise asset management processes to the real world. Experience ultra rapid inventory of assets with the Mobile MX handheld application.

Tagit Operator

Tagit Operator is a human interface oriented software application that also interacts with RFID reader devices, sensors, label printers and annunciation devices. The purpose of this application is to allow visual confirmation of activities such as shipping and receiving, detect situations that need human intervention and allow operators to manage exceptions.

Operator suite comprises of various applications out of the box such as encoder, auditor, shipping, receiving, check out stations, smart cart etc. that you can deploy in less than a day and integrate with your ERP in less than a week.

About Tagit Solutions Inc.


Tagit offers a suite of Industrial IoT software for connecting, detecting and reacting to location and environment changes generated by sensors such as WiFi, BLE, Active and passive RFID, and industrial PLCs. Tagit’s clients use the software platform to manage these connected devices, and deploy complex situation detection logic that helps machines and humans make real time business and operation decisions.

Customers like Cisco, HP, Huawei, AMAT, Verizon, Jabil, Keysight  (formerly Agilent), UC Berkeley, Salinas City School District and many others are using our software products for their asset tracking, item-visibility, inventory management, and WIP tracking solutions.