Accessory Mount for the 1128 UHF Reader

  • This mount slides on to the 1128 UHF Reader and provides a platform for attaching the TPU case of your choice. The mount is provided with four rivets.

    Almost any small device can be attached to the 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader using a combination of the 1128 Accessory Mount and commercially available device cases.  The Accessory Mount securely holds the device in place, yet slides on and off the reader body in one quick action.  Customized mounts are also available by special request.  The diagram below illustrates the different attachment methods available:

     Accessory Mount Diagram 1200x900


  • Materials:

    Slide-on mount: Polycarbonate

  • 1128-MNT-UNI – Accessory Mount for the 1128 UHF Reader


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