Honeywell EDA50 ePop-Loq® Mount

  • This custom mount allows the Honeywell EDA50 Hand-Held Terminal to be securely attached to an ePop-Loq®-compatible Reader, such as the TSL® 2128, 2128P or 2166 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader.

    The ePop-Loq® connection allows charging of the EDA50 terminal through the UHF RFID Reader . This means that both devices can be charged simultaneously in the 2128 Docking Cradle. Whilst ePop-Loq® also supports a USB data connection, the EDA50 terminal does not.

  • Physical Characteristics

    Interface: ePop-Loq® 
    Construction: Injection molded polycarbonate

  • 1195-C-EPL-CASE – Charge-Only ePop-Loq® mount for Honeywell EDA50


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