iPhone 6 Pop-Loq® Mount

  • iPhone 6 Pop-Loq® Mount. This custom mount allows the iPhone 6 to be securely* attached to Pop-Loq® compatible readers, such as the TSL® 1166 Bluetooth® Rugged UHF Reader.

    This custom mount is available in SLS Rapid Prototyping materials only.

    *Please Note: Attaching smartphones or other non-enterprise devices to TSL® UHF RFID Readers is done at the user’s own risk. TSL® cannot guarantee the safety of the attached device under impact forces, such as when knocked or dropped. For a fully rugged UHF RFID scanning solution, please consider pairing your TSL® UHF RFID Reader with a rugged enterprise device that meets the required drop specifications.



  • Physical Characteristics

    Materials: Available in SLS Rapid Prototyping materials only

  • PL-IPHN6G – Pop-Loq® mount for iPhone 6


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