Groedig, Austria


LF/HF RFID Reader PPT8800 (archived)



Project Overview

SKIDATA ( is a global leader in access solutions. It has almost 7,000 installations world wide and provides ski resorts, shopping centers, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums, trade shows and amusement parks with secure and reliable access solutions for people and vehicles. Accurate information must be gathered from guests’ tickets and updated in the database in real time in order to validate permissions.



Valid ticket permissions must be checked for all guests at events taking place across Europe, Asia and North America. Often the events have to process thousands of people within a very short space of time therefore the challenge is to acquire this information as efficiently as possible, while ensuring its accuracy and a high level of guest satisfaction.


In combination with the Symbol PPT8800 the TSL HF/LF RFID Reader was used to verify guest tickets. The pistol-grip houses the Symbol PPT8800 which displays information for the steward who checks tickets from the SKIDATA system. Via the pistol trigger, the integrated RFID module or the BC scanner of the PDA, the visitor ticket is scanned to check valid permissions. The pistol grip also offers connectivity for an optional belt-clip battery pack, which can be connected for a longer operation time.



Utilising the TSL HF/LF RFID Reader, SKIDATA now have a ticketing system with active verification of permissions that is convenient to use by stewards. The fast database updating enables SKIDATA to utilise the trigger world wide in an accurate, effective and efficient solution.


“The pistol grips are in use in our fairs, attractions and arenas as well as our mountain destinations throughout Europe, North America and Asia. They have enabled us to acquire accurate information as efficiently as possible, while ensuring queues are kept as short as possible to ensure guests are able to enjoy their experience.”

Wolfgang Seifert SKIDATA Purchasing