Top Benefits of RFID for Retail Management

29th January 2014

The growing popularity of RFID technology for retail applications was evident at this year’s National Retail Federation show in New York. And it’s no wonder, because RFID delivers so many benefits to retailers.

Retail is a dynamic environment where the customer is king, and losing their interest due to out-of-stock merchandise means losing the sale. Item level tagging with RFID technology enables continuous product visibility from warehouse to checkout, improving overall inventory management and reducing out of stock situations.

Additionally, RFID delivers real-time access to product data and faster transaction processing, resulting in increased profitability through better productivity, and freeing uptime for customer service. Savvy retailers know that the ability to quickly spot fluctuations in market and buyer behavior allows a more efficient and successful retail operation throughout the entire supply chain.

The Big Show

Attendees at NRF14 showed a great deal of interest in the TSL 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader, which was demonstrated at the Checkpoint Systems exhibition booth.  As well in conjunction with the TexTrace woven RFID Brand Labels solution.

Technology Solutions UK Ltd (TSL) offers complete, innovative mobile data capture solutions for retail applications, including store inventory stock checking and replenishment, merchandise planning, price and promotion management, supply chain improvements, asset tracking and inspection, shop floor visibility, real-time demand visibility and computer assisted ordering.

To experience the performance, functionality and versatility of the 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader, download the TSL ‘RFID Explorer’ App from iTunes® or Google Play™.