RFID Scan Scan Write v3 – now on Android!!!

19th June 2017

RFID Scan Scan Write has been updated to version 3 and, with this release, makes its debut on Android providing a cross-platform solution for rapid commissioning of tags using GS1 or Custom encodings.

New to this version is EPC locking – when a tag EPC is written, it can now be locked at the same time to prevent tampering. In addition to setting a Tag access password, the Kill password can also be specified to provide an additional anti-tamper measure. Once you have tested that tags are encoded to your specifications, the Permalock mode can be used to make the EPC unalterable, permanently!

Additional GS1 Tag Data Standard encodings have been added (GRAI-96 & GIAI-96) with expanded serialisation options and the UI has been improved to provide additional information about the last tag encoded.


About RFID Scan Scan Write

RFID Scan Scan Write is designed around a simple encoding workflow for product tags:

    1. Scan the product’s GS1 barcode.
    2. Hold a UHF tag close to the reader, away from other tags and pull the trigger. The new EPC is written and the tag, optionally, locked.

RFID Scan Scan Write can also be used with the Multi-Vendor Chip Serialisation compliant tags to provide uniquely serialised SGTIN-96 tags without the headache of managing serial number ranges. If you already have a manual scheme in place, there is a user-serialisation option too. The GS1 encodings also support the tag-only Filter Value to allow selective reading of tags when multiple types are present.

In addition to the GS1 compliant EPCs, RFID Scan Scan Write can use scanned Hex/ASCII data to provide flexible support for custom EPC encoding with optional, user-serialisation.

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