SEKISUI Aerospace celebrates success at RFID Journal LIVE for their RFID Solution featuring 2128P UHF RFID Readers

24th May 2023


Featured Sekisui


TSL® are proud to announce that SEKISUI Aerospace‘s RFID solution was recently made a finalist for the RFID Journal 2023 award for “Best Manufacturing RFID or IoT Implementation”.  The TSL® 2128P Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader provides SEKISUI Aerospace with handheld, long range UHF RFID reading and writing, enabling fast and accurate data collection to feed into their ‘Visual Factory’ software, powered by Xemelgo.



The RFID solution was deployed over three facilities and helped with 3100 daily jobs, providing many returns on investment including 3% increased productivity, a reduction in missing assets and $5 million cost avoidance over the next five years.

The TSL® 2128P Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader

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The 2128P Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader builds upon TSL®’s successful handheld Readers by including a larger High Gain UHF antenna for up to 9 m (29.5 ft) of read range, as well as enhanced operating modes and special features such as tag de-duplication at the hardware level. The patented TSL® ePop-Loq® connector allows data and charge connections to be passed from the reader to an attached device, such as a smartphone or handheld terminal.

About Xemelgo

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Xemelgo design software hand-in-hand with manufacturing professionals to create software that solves real problems, is easy to use and blends seamlessly with existing processes. Their app-led approach provides an advanced technology platform and manufacturers can reap its benefits through simple, mobile-first applications — paying only for what they need and no more.

About SEKISUI Aerospace

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For over 30 years SEKISUI Aerospace has been designing, testing, and manufacturing composite products for the aerospace industry. With complete customer satisfaction as their focus and through the relentless efforts of their skilled employees, SEKISUI Aerospace has achieved and continues to maintain an unequalled level of performance.