TSL ASCII 2 Software Development Kit – for Android™ v 2.2.1

16th January 2020


TSL® are pleased to announce the full release of version 2.2.1 of the Android SDK for TSL® UHF RFID Readers. This is a significant update bringing new commands such as BlockPermalockCommand and FindTagCommand, along with new Sample Projects to demonstrate their use. Three new sample projects have been provided:


Basic tag finder implementation using either the InventoryCommand or the new FindTagCommand, if available.

  • A target tag EPC is entered and then the Reader’s trigger is held down – the App then continuously updates the display
  • with the the relative signal strength (as a percentage) until the trigger is released.
  • When using a Reader that supports the new FindTag command (e.g. 2128) there will also be audio feedback while scanning.


Demonstration of partial locking of Tag User memory (requires 1166 or 21xx UHF Reader and suitable UHF tags).

  • Note: this project will make permanent changes to the tags it modifies – use with care.


A sample project using the new InventoryTagCommand (for HF/LF tags).

  • Connect an ASCII 2 HF/LF Reader (e.g. 2173) and single press the trigger with an HF or LF tag in range.
  • The identifier for the detected tag will be displayed along with the type of tag scanned.
  • Also included are some examples of the RfPassThroughCommand to control the HF/LF RF Module

Additionally, Apps built with the library can now be tested with the Emulator (however, no Readers will be available).

The Rfid.AsciiProtocol library has been updated to support ASCII Protocol 2.5 which features:

  • A new FindTagCommand for use with Readers that support it (e.g. 2128, 2166, 2128p, etc..)
  • Added the BlockPermalockTransponderCommand. This new command is supported on the 1166, 2166 and all 2128/IH21 variants (requires tags that support the command).
  • Added Power Handle info to VersionInformationCommand.
  • Added Phase and Channel Frequency parameters to the Inventory and Read commands.
  • Duplicate Removal parameters implemented.
  • Duplicate visuals can be turned on/off.
  • AudibleAlertMode parameter defines when tone sounds.
  • Created BatteryStatusResponder to monitor asynchronous battery level notifications.
  • Added BatteryHealth and BatteryService information classes.
  • Added ShowRegionCommand.
  • AlertCommand now has additional parameters for controlling visuals on Readers with Antenna LEDs.
  • MountCommand implemented.
  • Added auto-reconnect parameters to SleepCommand.
  • Implemented BluetoothCommand.
  • Added new AutorunCommand and deprecated the separate Read/Write/Execute Autorun Commands.
  • Added SerialHidCommand – and special Responder to capture responses
  • Added a SignalStrengthResponder to capture the RSSI or percentage values from FindTag or Inventory commands
  • A new InventoryTagCommand and corresponding HfLfTransponderData for use with HF/LF Readers
  • A new RfPassThroughCommand for the 2173 HF/LF RF module