TSL Mobile Software App Makes Finding Assets Quick and Easy

27th July 2014


RFID Tag Finder App works with TSL’s 1128 Bluetooth-enabled RFID reader to streamline logistics and inventory management

LEICESTERSHIRE, England — July 28, 2014 — Today, Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd (TSL), a developer of best-in-class RFID devices and mobile data capture solutions, announced availability of the new RFID Tag Finder application for Android-powered devices. This new mobile app works with the high-performance 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader to speed up the process of finding specific assets, such as in a warehouse or stock room.

TSL’s RFID Tag Finder app uses audible and visual indicators to rapidly locate tagged items with the handheld RFID reader connected via Bluetooth® to an Android-powered device. Personnel enter an item code and then sweep large areas to scan a warehouse or store room to find the matching RFID tag. As the worker nears the item they are trying to locate, the app triggers audio feedback and the signal strength is displayed on a dynamic, graphical interface.

1128-UHF-Reader-with-Motorola-TC552-1024x768“Retailers lose up to 15 percent of their customers due to out-of-stock occurrences, so speed is of the essence when searching for products in a warehouse or distribution center,” said Dr. David Evans, managing director of TSL. “The RFID Tag Finder app works with the 1128 Bluetooth® Reader to track tagged assets much like a Geiger counter, finding lost items quickly and easily.”

A useful, built-in signal scanning screen generates a list of nearby tags, ranked by signal strength, which is ideal for quickly selecting a target in training scenarios. The versatile RFID Tag Finder provides three search modes – optimized for locating a unique tag identifier, an identifier matching a few tags, or an identifier matching a large group of tags.

“When our company’s managers were testing the technology, we immediately discovered missing assets for a client that had been moved to locations they would not have thought to look,” explains Mark Smith, NCS Technologies’ senior mobile architect.

The RFID Tag Finder app uses TSL’s sophisticated ASCII protocol, which provides a powerful set of commands to carry out complex transponder operations in an easy to grasp way. Using TSL’s free software development kit (SDK), developers can rapidly integrate any TSL ASCII-compatible UHF RFID reader into existing applications with simple, pre-configured ASCII commands.

The RFID Tag Finder is one of a series of apps designed for TSL’s Bluetooth® enabled readers. Download the app for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uk.tsl.rfid.findatag