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  • The 1128 Reader is a game changing device for our clients!  Previously, auditing of 40,000 deeds files would take a full time employee 2-3 months to do manually, this reduced to 3 days using barcode scanning. However using your 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader with our Mobile Records Center app, it now only takes 35 minutes! This means more accurate, and up to date information is available in real time, whilst also saving thousands of pounds in efficiency and storage space gains.

    - Christopher Giles
    Legal RM Limited
  • TSL has the best hardware in the industry, the best software among competitors .. the best owners (!), and also the best support team

  • We couldn’t live without it!

    - Kiran (C.M. Pethani), Director
    Cara Jewellers FZCO, Dubai
  • I’d like to thank you, David and all TSL staff for the superb support for this strategic retail project in Brazil. I am sure we will all benefit from this to allow us to enter into new RFID projects in the years to come.

    - Marcos Honda
  • We’ve really enjoyed working with TSL®, and our app with the 1128, 1166 and 1153 is simply the best and most affordable option available anywhere for asset tracking and inventory control.

    - Brock Hotaling, CEO
    Supply Insight, Inc.
  • Received the swivel mounts. We were using the next day, the guys in the Yard love them.

    - Ricky Lehmann
  • Your 1166 scanner is here being demonstrated at the World Fair Wind at Husum in Germany by our company, for an interested Danish Royal Highness Prince Joachim. We have now integrated your API in our software for app/Android, and our customer, who count some of the biggest companies in the wind industries, they like what they see – well done.

    Readunit, Denmark
  • We love your RFID Explorer application.

    - Mike Duckett
    Dir, Strat. Initiatives at STERIS Corporation
  • Just wanted to let you know that the guys at BCDS and our customer really like the performance of the new reader. Our support team have also commented on the excellent post-sales support your own support team have provided in overcoming a few of the issues they have had regarding integration.

    - Michael Azzopardi
    Bar Code Data Systems Pty Limited
  • Thanks for the great answer and support. It’s working perfectly.

    - Alessandro Rosà
    Senior Engineer, Trilogis srl
  • This is the greatest thing ever! Before, we did everything by hand!

    - Britney
    at Mall of Millenia, Orlando, Florida
  • We have purchased several of your 1128 Bluetooth RFID scanners for use in tracking our inventory. We’ve developed an internal web application to run inside your RFID Web Wedge app (fantastic by the way).

    - Andrew Hicox
    Software Dude, NASA
  • Moving from pen to pen with the UHF Handheld Reader and Fort Supply data collection software was found to be an overwhelmingly positive alternative to bringing animals back to a central location and head catching each one

    - Summary Report
    Fort Supply Technologies
  • I was delighted to see how quickly and easily we could get our devices working together

    - Colin Webster
    Sales Manager, Partner Tech UK Corporation
  • Using the hand held reader system allowed the animals to stay in their pens while capturing their ID data, eliminating the need to further busy the alleys or cause additional stress on the animals.

    - Summary Report
    Fort Supply Technologies
  • Since chipping the uniform with RFID my sorting costs have reduced dramatically. My customers are so much happier with the service, as there are far less incorrect orders as most of the mistakes are noticed and rectified at the customer site before arriving at my laundry. I can see by waving the RFID reader over the rail, that all the orders are complete and ready to go, all in a matter of seconds.

    - Shahid Diwan
    MD, Sylvia Gray Ltd
  • It gives me the ability to better manage my stock – I get an accurate stock count and know its whereabouts. It shows me how well my customers are rotating or not rotating my linen. In this business to manually decipher the lifecycle of an item of linen, is a really difficult thing to ascertain, however with the availability of data, I can now get all the information I need, such as the number of washes and rewashes at the touch of a button. What really impresses me is the time that RFID saves me, this morning using the handheld device, the stock take of a 200 room, six floor hotel took one person just 40 minutes, there was a linen room on each floor.

    - Matthew Pantlin
    MD, Bates of London – Flatwork Laundry
  • The 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader we bought last week is working great. My iPhone app consultant is making great strides to interface the reader to our app and databases.

    - Cary McCamey
    Manager of Information Systems, Siplast Inc.
  • You have an exceptionally fine product and the diligence and attention to detail of your design team shows. We appreciate your hard work at Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd !

    - Bill Rushing
    Vice President R&D, Berntsen International, Inc.
  • The 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader is the best reader we have tested with our system and we have instructed our developers to switch from our previous choice immediately.

    - Philip Appleton
    CEO, Microtracking AB
  • I have started to try the 1128 Bluetooth  UHF RFID reader this morning. The iOS application is very nice. It offers a lot of capabilities on a very user friendly way. The reader is working out of the box and I can connect it to my laptop very easily.

    - Sebastien Castellani
  • We provided a demonstration to a company recently in Orlando with a demo using your 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader – it was very well received.

    - Dave Browne
    Aerospace Software Developments Limited
  • I would like to commend your company on your scanners as they did beat out the competition in all tests.

    - Brian Roe
    Manager of Information Systems
 E & R Laundry and Dry Cleaners / The Campus Laundry
  • We sent our customer two of the 1128 Bluetooth  UHF RFID readers and when I met with their developer he told me how easy it was for him to develop an app on his Samsung phone and is very impressed with the kit

    - Name withheld
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