RFID Web Wedge enables direct data input from TSL® Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers into your existing Web Applications, yet does not require any additional development time.

Scanning is accomplished with a one-handed trigger operation, and text input fields are populated on any web-based form using custom data and identifiers from your UHF RFID transponders.

Compatible with TSL® 11661128 and 1153 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers.


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iOS screenshots:

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User Guide: To download the RFID Web Wedge User Guide, please go to the 1128 or 1153 downloads pages.

If you have any technical queries about this app, you can click here to contact the TSL Support Team.

RFID Web Wedge Features:

    • Single Shot mode to capture data from individual tags into on-screen fields
    • Continuous Scan mode to inventory large tag populations and insert all tag data with a single tap
    • Reader power adjustment to optimize for high-density tag field scanning or single tag input
    • Capture either EPC identifiers or a user-defined block of tag data or both unique ASCII Protocol.
    • Convert incoming data into ASCII text format for custom tag encodings
    • Automatically load a custom URL as the start page.

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