RFID Web Wedge enables direct data input from TSL® Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers into your existing Web Applications, yet does not require any additional development time.

Scanning is accomplished with a one-handed trigger operation, and text input fields are populated on any web-based form using custom data and identifiers from your UHF RFID transponders.

Compatible with TSL® 11661128 and 1153 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers.

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iOS screenshots:

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Email Support: Click here for RFID Web Wedge Email Support
User Guide: To download the RFID Web Wedge User Guide, please go to the 1128 or 1153 downloads pages

RFID Web Wedge Features:

    • Single Shot mode to capture data from individual tags into on-screen fields
    • Continuous Scan mode to inventory large tag populations and insert all tag data with a single tap
    • Reader power adjustment to optimize for high-density tag field scanning or single tag input
    • Capture either EPC identifiers or a user-defined block of tag data or both unique ASCII Protocol.
    • Convert incoming data into ASCII text format for custom tag encodings
    • Automatically load a custom URL as the start page.

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