RFID Modules
NEW Embeddable RAIN RFID Reader Modules
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Single MMCX port, Impinj E710
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Four MMCX ports, Impinj E710
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Four MMCX ports, Impinj E910

Market leading UHF RFID performance in a compact, easy to integrate form factor

App Development
Developers planning their RFID App using TSL® SDKs
Easier RFID App Development
Outstanding Software Support including
Highly Configurable
Completely Free
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TSL® Products

Featured wattro

Featured Project Profile

Wattro Integrates TSL’s RAIN RFID UHF Modules Into Their Innovative Asset Management Solution

3X1X spotlight

Product Spotlight

3117 and 3417/3419 RAIN RFID Reader Modules

High performance, energy efficient UHF RFID modules that can be easily integrated into handheld/mobile/battery powered devices or small, fixed reader applications

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