RFID Explorer

RFID Explorer is a dedicated App built to demonstrate the performance, functionality and versatility of the TSL® 11661128 and 1153 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers.  It also serves as demonstration of TSL’s powerful ASCII protocol (see above), having been built around the pre-configured ASCII commands.  It is currently available on iOS, AndroidTM and Windows Phone.


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iOS Screenshots:

RFID Explorer 1RFID Explorer 2RFID Explorer 3RFID Explorer 4RFID Explorer 5

Android Screenshots:

RFID Explorer Android 1RFID Explorer Android 2RFID Explorer Android 3RFID Explorer Android 4

Windows Screenshots:

RFID Explorer - Windows Phone 1RFID Explorer - Windows Phone 2RFID Explorer - Windows Phone 3RFID Explorer - Windows Phone 4


PDF download: Accessing RFID Explorer Saved Inventory Files from iOS Devices

PDF download: Modifying the EPC of a Transponder Using RFID Explorer

If you have any technical queries about this app, you can click here to contact the TSL Support Team.


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