The following apps have been developed by external companies and are compatible with one or more of TSL’s Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers.

How to get your own TSL-hardware enabled Apps on the App Store
TSL® have produced a Developer Document explaining the App Store Submission Process with regards to Apple’s MFI program.  The App Store Submission Process document can be downloaded here (free registration is required in order to download this document).


  • Visit Itemit website
    itemit has just become the world’s first complete app-based RFID asset management solution. Make tracking your business critical assets or home inventory effortless.

  • Visit Tenaris
    Tenaris PipeTracer
    The Tenaris PipeTracer is a unique tracking and traceability application that allows operators to identify Tenaris products on-site with mobile devices.

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  • Visit Store
    ARTS RFID Utilities
    The second app for the ARTS RFID system. Read detailed tag information, locate inventory items, associate a serial number to an RFID tag, validate item route.

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  • Invisi-Tag
    Invisi-Tag’s asset tracking system brings the power of RFID and the ease of an iOS application to your workforce.

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  • Fruittracker
    The app allows growers, packers and shippers to improve productivity and profitability within the operation by keeping all activities/tasks organized and traced.

  • Topco AT
    Topco AT
    Passive UHF reader application used to quickly and easily view service information for assets tagged by Topco.

  • InfoChip Mobile
    InfoChip Mobile
    The InfoChip Mobile app enables manufacturers, distributors and end-users to work together to efficiently manage the certification, tracking and inspection of industrial assets.

  • EasyAsset Mobile
    EasyAsset Mobile
    EasyAsset enables you to track your assets quickly and easily using your mobile.

  • Track RFID
    Track RFID
    Take advantage of advanced sensor technology without having to become an expert.

  • InfraMarker
    InfraMarker is a next-generation mobile GIS (Geographic Information System), providing simple – yet powerful – data collection and visualization.

  • SPT IntelliView
    SPT IntelliView
    IntelliView for iOS is Silent Partner Technologies’ companion app to our IntelliView cloud-based asset management system.

  • Purecomm Retail
    Purecomm Retail
    A cloud based platform providing retail companies with the capability to expand their eCommerce or online marketing channels into online-to-offline (O2O) commerce.

  • LinenMaster Mobile
    LinenMaster Mobile
    LinenMaster Mobile expands the power of your LinenMasterNet laundry management system.

  • RentalResult LP
    RentalResult LP
    RentalResult LP is one of a suite of secure apps designed to be used in conjunction with the Wynne Systems RentalResult Equipment Management ERP software.

  • M.Audit Police
    M.Audit Police
    Cloud-In-Hand® based mobile audit solution to provide for easy data collection from mobile and fixed RFID and Barcode scanners.

  • Transcends Inventory Control
    Transcends Inventory Control
    The Transcends Inventory Control app allows you to perform inventory cycle counting efficiently on RFID tagged assets

  • Ridias RFID
    Ridias RFID
    A complete RFID end-to-end plug and play RFID platform that uses machine learning predictive analytics.

  • Croptracker
    This cloud-based app allows growers, packers and shippers to improve productivity and profitability within the operation by keeping all activities/tasks organized and traced.

  • ToolWatch Mobile
    ToolWatch Mobile
    ToolWatch helps construction companies manage their tools, equipment, materials and consumables across their enterprise using award-winning software.

  • sCloud
    Client for the AdvanLook Cloud. Assistants receive product requests from users and process them by clicking on one of the available options.

  • Wynne RentalResult
    Wynne RentalResult
    A full Equipment Management solution for Rental & Construction Companies. Track assets as they are deployed to and from the job site, for inventory counts and availability checks.

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  • Tagit Ice
    Tagit Ice
    Tagit Ice is a an inventory app geared towards the Diamond and Jewellery Industry, enabling stock checks, searches and batch scans at the click of a button.

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  • Tagit Operator
    Tagit Operator
    Tagit Operator is a suite of applications for performing encoding, validation and inventory operations on RFID tags. The suite is highly customizable and extensible to specific client needs.

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  • TagVUE MX
    TagVUE MX
    TagVUE MX is a mobile application for performing various RFID tag operations like inventory, proximity lookup, tag identification, etc. The app can sync with different custom endpoints.

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  • RFID Asset
    RFID Asset
    This app enables users to perform all of the functions of a traditional RFID handheld reader with his or her own smartphone, including asset association, inventory, and item-level asset search.

  • CM Mobile
    CM Mobile
    CribMaster users can now connect to CribMaster Inventory Management System databases and manage their inventory and assets while on the go – using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • NRS Explorer
    NRS Explorer
    Allows prescribers working within Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES) to use smart phones and tablet computers to track equipment by scanning bar codes

  • Vor-TagRFID
    Designed for Vorbeck Materials Corp. by Mobifalcon Inc. to be used as part of a complete RFID end to end solution.

  • RentalWorks
    Check order inventory item out and in, check the current status of an item, scan items for a physical inventory, scan items out of repair, and scan items for quality control.

  • Link-It Warehousing
    Link-It Warehousing
    Easy Inventory control (Spanish).

  • TegoView
    TegoView is the #1 rated application software in aviation manufacturing production lines and maintenance operations, specifically for flyable parts programs.

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  • Air Products Delivery Tool
    Air Products Delivery Tool
    Air Products Delivery Tool is designed for Air Products Agents and drivers.

  • iScanBrowser
    iScanBrowser is the world’s first customizable web browser to utilize WebForm Rules (WFR) technology to make scanning with Barcode & NFC Readers into Web Apps and Web Pages easy.

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  • SerialMagic Gears App
    SerialMagic Gears
    SerialMagic Gears provides a simple yet powerful way to connect wireless RFID scanners, to easily get data into Android applications. Supports TSL 1126, 1128 and 1153 UHF Readers

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  • one
    Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid
    Powerful solution for Attendance Management, Inventory Counting, Inspections, and more. Supports TSL 1126, 1128 and (on Android) 1153 UHF Readers.

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  • VAT 2Go app
    VAT 2Go
    VAT 2Go is the mobile companion app to Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) asset management solution that performs fast, accurate inventory.

  • Nedap !D Cloud
    !D Cloud
    A cloud-based RFID stock management solution for retail stores.

  • MerchManager App
    Track inventory with Andrus Logistics.

  • Tyco-TrueVUE-logo
    Tyco TrueVUE
    Inventory Intelligence for retail stores. Access real-time, actionable data from stores, employees, inventory and shoppers using mobile devices.

  • Verbi Mobile
    Verbi Mobile
    Easy-to-use inventory control and asset management app with offline capability and agnostic support for barcode and UHF RFID readers.

  • Air Products Stock Check Tool app
    Air Products Stock Check Tool
    Air Products Stock Check Tool provides Agents with a quick and easy way to reconcile their Container inventory with Air Products.

  • Buckley Portable
    Buckley Portable
    Bespoke business solution for Buckley London provided by RFIDiom.

  • Air Products Container Tracking Tool app
    Air Products Container Tracking Tool
    Air Products Container Tracking Tool gives customers the ability to track Air Products assets at their facility and perform various operations.

  • ncs_logo-1
    Artwork Inventory
    RFID and Barcode software for inventory management.

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  • screenshot_1758
    Clarity Inventory
    RFID inventory management software for retailers.

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  • Verbi Assets app
    Verbi Assets
    Verbi Assets is an enterprise-quality, easy-to-use inventory control and asset management app, with offline capability and agnostic support for barcode and UHF RFID readers.

  • Order-In-Hand app
    Order-In-Hand® Mobile Order
    Order-In-Hand® Mobile Order provides unsurpassed ease and speed for mobile ordering.

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  • ARTS RFID Reader app
    ARTS RFID Reader
    ARTS (Adaptive RFID Tracking System) is a cloud based asset tracking system from IMD

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