How to Submit an App Supporting TSL iOS Compatible Devices to the App Store

8th February 2021



If you wish to publish an App to the iTunes App Store (or the B2B store) that supports a TSL iOS-Compatible device then Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd will need to obtain approval for your app against the appropriate hardware in the MFi program:



Easy method to submit apps compatible with TSL UHF RFID Readers to the App Store


We will need the following information:

      • The TSL devices your App will support
      • The name of the App as it will appear in the App Store – ensure that hyphenation, white space and spelling match the store name exactly
      • The App version number
      • Indicate if this is an update to an existing App or a new App
      • Indicate whether the App can be used independently of the TSL Device(s)
      • The App bundle Id
      • All External Accessory Protocols your App supports (ensure ‘’ is included)
      • A functional description of your application
      • The App Category
      • The name of the developer that will submit the app to the App Store

If you have separate Apps for iPhone and iPad then please submit a separate set of details for each App.

We will submit the above details exactly as provided. Be aware that your App will be rejected by the App Store review process if the App details that you provide to us are incorrect.

When the App has received MFi approval we will supply you with the appropriate Product Plan ID (PPID) numbers to include in your App Store submission.

When submitting your App to the App Store it is essential that you include the PPID numbers in the Review Notes section of your submission.

If you need any further information contact

We can’t wait to see your great Apps!

The Developer Support Team