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Using the Micro SD Log and Autorun Files

15th August 2014

Technology Solutions UHF RFID readers have the provision for a micro SD card to be installed. The card provides two functions: 1) – A log file is created and appended (when enabled) that contains all the output sent from the reader. 2) – An autorun file can be created that changes the reader’s configuration from its default as it powers on from sleep.

Comparison of Bluetooth® Operating Modes

26th January 2018

Our UHF RFID Bluetooth® readers support two modes of operation using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. When connected via USB the reader always supports the TSL® ASCII 2 protocol, but when connected over Bluetooth® the reader can either be set to use the TSL® ASCII 2 protocol (Bluetooth® SPP Mode) or it can appear as a Bluetooth® keyboard (Bluetooth® HID Mode). The comparison chart in this article is designed to help you understand the differences between the two operating modes.