Support Articles

Configuring the Barcode Scanners on Datalogic Terminals To Work With TSL® Mobile Apps

6th April 2020

TSL® have added support to RFID Explorer, RFID Scan Scan Write and RFID Tag Finder for the built-in barcode scanners on Datalogic handheld terminals. The TSL® Apps make use of the Android Intent system and the built-in Datalogic Wedge to provide barcode scanner input – typically, a single check box needs to be changed to enable this support.

Bluetooth® HID Mode

18th December 2014

The Bluetooth® module in some TSL® readers is able to present the reader to the host as an HID keyboard. In this mode the data read by the reader is sent to the host as if it were typed on the host’s keyboard.

ASCII 2 API Overview – Theory of Operation

7th January 2015

Introduction Technology Solutions has implemented a common object model for Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. This article is provided as an overview of using this obje...

Advice for Implementing a ‘Tag Finder’ Feature

22nd June 2015

Locating individual assets or one instance of an asset of a particular type is a common problem in many environments such as Retail stores, tool stores or warehouses. This article provides advice on appropriate parameters in an ASCII 2 Inventory command to be used in the implementation of a “Tag Finder” operation.

Using the Micro SD Log and Autorun Files

15th August 2014

Technology Solutions UHF RFID readers have the provision for a micro SD card to be installed. The card provides two functions: 1) – A log file is created and appended (when enabled) that contains all the output sent from the reader. 2) – An autorun file can be created that changes the reader’s configuration from its default as it powers on from sleep.