Support Articles

Bluetooth® HID Mode

18th December 2014

The Bluetooth® module in some TSL® readers is able to present the reader to the host as an HID keyboard. In this mode the data read by the reader is sent to the host as if it were typed on the host’s keyboard.

Advice for Implementing a ‘Tag Finder’ Feature

22nd June 2015

Locating individual assets or one instance of an asset of a particular type is a common problem in many environments such as Retail stores, tool stores or warehouses. This article provides advice on appropriate parameters in an ASCII 2 Inventory command to be used in the implementation of a “Tag Finder” operation.

Using the Micro SD Log and Autorun Files

15th August 2014

Technology Solutions UHF RFID readers have the provision for a micro SD card to be installed. The card provides two functions: 1) – A log file is created and appended (when enabled) that contains all the output sent from the reader. 2) – An autorun file can be created that changes the reader’s configuration from its default as it powers on from sleep.

Changing the Bluetooth® Operating Mode

15th November 2017

TSL® Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers can be operated in SPP mode where the Reader is controlled by a custom-written application, or in HID mode, where the Reader behaves like a Bluetooth® Keyboard.  The Bluetooth® operating mode of a TSL® UHF RFID Reader can be changed using the steps detailed in this article.

Comparison of Bluetooth® Operating Modes

26th January 2018

Our UHF RFID Bluetooth® readers support two modes of operation using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. When connected via USB the reader always supports the TSL® ASCII 2 protocol, but when connected over Bluetooth® the reader can either be set to use the TSL® ASCII 2 protocol (Bluetooth® SPP Mode) or it can appear as a Bluetooth® keyboard (Bluetooth® HID Mode). The comparison chart in this article is designed to help you understand the differences between the two operating modes.

Bluetooth® Auto-Reconnect Mode

2nd January 2018

Information on enabling the Bluetooth® Auto-Reconnect Mode on iOS Devices. A firmware change now allows for a reader, in SPP mode, to reverse the master/slave role, remember the last connection and attempt to reconnect automatically when it is powered-on. This behaviour is off by default and is currently only applicable to iOS devices.