TSL Developer Resources Pack updated

25th March 2020

The TSL Developer Resources Pack  has been updated to include our latest products including the 2128P UHF RFID Reader with High Gain Antenna, 2128L UHF RFID Reader with High Gain Linear Antenna, and ...

Xamarin 2.0 SDK for .NET Standard

19th September 2019

The next major version of the Tsl.AsciiProtocol SDK for .NET Standard development is nearing completion. This release will see the debut of Reader Operations - an alternative API to simplify many of...

Xamarin 1.2 SDK for PCL

Over the summer we released an update to the Xamarin SDK which is available here. This release uses the Tsl.AsciiProtocol PCL library v1.3.6 (available via NuGet) which contains many new features...

New Version of the Android™ Software Development Kit Released

15th May 2018

These updates are bug fix releases. Resolves a bug in StringHelper.comparableVersionValue() that prevented minimum antenna power being correctly reported via DeviceProperties. Adds a missing TransponderAccessErrorCode enumeration for ACCESS_ERROR (generated only by 1153).

RFID Scan Scan Write v3 – now on Android!!!

19th June 2017

RFID Scan Scan Write has been updated to version 3 and, with this release, makes its debut on Android providing a cross-platform solution for rapid commissioning of tags using GS1 or Custom encoding...