Major new release of the TSL iOS SDK now available!

29th June 2021


The v1.6.0 release of the TSL iOS SDK is here! With a new FindTag Sample project (implemented in Swift/SwiftUI) and an updated framework supporting ASCII Protocol 2.5, this release is a significant upgrade to our iOS SDK.

New commands include:

  • TSLFindTagCommand (for series 21xx Readers) – controls the Reader’s tag finder operation
  • TSLBlockPermalockTransponderCommand – to allow tags to be block permalocked
  • TSLAutorunCommand – allows the SD-Card’s ‘auto.txt’ file to be read, written or deleted.

The latest TSLAsciiCommands framework is now available in the new XCFramework format for Xcode 12 users. We have also audited the API to improve type-safety in Swift apps.

Finally, the included documentation has been completely overhauled and now provides a fresh, modern look, an updated ‘Getting Started’ section, improved enum type documentation and both ObjC and Swift interfaces for all commands.

This release can be downloaded as a zip file here (free registration is required to download files).