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ePop-Loq® mounts are an innovative solution from Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd that allow Hand-Held Terminals to be physically mounted on top of a compatible TSL® UHF RFID reader, providing a one-piece UHF RFID Scanning Solution with all the benefits of your preferred mobile platform. ePop-Loq® is an evolution of our existing Pop-Loq system – by adding electrical connections to the ePop-Loq® interface, charge and data connection can be passed to the Hand-Held Terminal through its existing USB OTG interface. ePop-Loq® mounts can be used with the TSL® 2128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader2128P UHF RFID Reader with High Gain Antenna or the 2166 Bluetooth® Rugged UHF RFID Reader.

  • ePop-Loq® mounts allow Dual Charging of both UHF Reader and Host Device.
  • ePop-Loq® mounts enable Secure USB Data Connections*.
  • ePop-Loq® mounts allow developers to add unique useabilty features such as waking the terminal when the trigger is pressed.
  • ePop-Loq® mounts provide a Single-Piece UHF RFID Scanning Solution with ‘breakaway’ feature when dropped.

TSL ePop-Loq® Mounts