New TSL® 2173 Explorer App Released on Google Play

15th October 2021



A brand new Android app has just been published by TSL® on the Google Play store. 2173 Explorer is a dedicated app built to demonstrate the performance, functionality and versatility of the 2173 Bluetooth® LF/HF RFID Reader.


Screenshot 1 of 2173 HF/LF RFID Explorer - Reader Information Screenshot 2 of 2173 HF/LF RFID Explorer - ScansScreenshot 1 of 2173 HF/LF RFID Explorer - Enabled Tag Types

The app demonstrates how, using the 2173 Reader, a simple inventory of Items, tagged with a wide variety of HF and LF tags or 1D and 2D barcodes, can be achieved. This inventory is then available to other apps, on your device, using the familiar Android sharing dialog.


Google Play Store icon
The video below shows various LF and HF RFID tags being scanned by the TSL® 2173 Bluetooth® LF/HF RFID Reader paired to an Android smartphone. At the end of the video a 2D barcode is scanned using the (optional) 1D/2D Barcode Imager:


Features include:
▪ Generate a list of unique HF/LF transponders and barcode item identifiers
▪ Read the memory of tags – Mifare Classic, ISO15693 and SRX tag types are currently supported.
▪ Share the list of scanned items or save it to the Android device.
▪ Control detection of the HF and LF tag types supported by the 2173 Reader.
▪ Configure the operation of the 2173 trigger to match your scanning requirements.

2173 Explorer employs the same, sophisticated TSL ASCII 2 protocol used in TSL’s UHF reader range which provides developers with a powerful set of commands to carry out complex RFID transponder operations in a simple, easy-to-grasp way. Developers can take advantage of the comprehensive, free SDKs provided by TSL® to develop in Xamarin, Java, Objective C, Swift or .NET.