New Release of the TSL® ASCII 2 Software Development Kit – for Xamarin .NET Standard Development

29th November 2022


TSL UHF RFID ASCII2 SDK for Xamarin .Net Updated


TSL® have updated their Xamarin .NET Standard Development SDK to version 2.1.0 to provide compatibility with the Google 2022 API requirements for Android (API Level 31).

The sample project in the SDK release has been updated to use the Tsl.AsciiProtocol v1.6.0 NuGet package – which is required when targeting API level 31+.

When Android 12+ or later is targeted, the following permissions must be both declared in the AndroidManifest.xml and obtained at runtime:

  • Manifest.Permission.BluetoothConnect
  • Manifest.Permission.BluetoothScan

Until these runtime permissions are obtained from the user, no Bluetooth® devices will be available.

We provide an example of how to obtain these permissions in the Sample.Connections.Forms.Android sample project.