TSL ASCII 2 Software Development Kit – for Xamarin .NET Standard Development

Welcome to the full release of the next major version of the Tsl.AsciiProtocol SDK for .NET Standard development. With this release we debut Reader Operations - an alternative API to simplify many of the  common RFID tasks such as Inventory, Scanning barcodes, Reading from and Writing to tags. We have also implemented a "Tag Finder" Operation, an oft requested addition to the TSL SDK.

The SDK ships with a multi-page, Xamarin Forms Sample Project, built to demonstrate the use of the ReaderOperations and AsciiTransportsManager API.

The Sample App supports Android, iOS, Windows UWP and Windows WPF.

This release uses the Tsl.AsciiProtocol.Std library v1.4.0 (available via NuGet) which contains many new features including:

  • Full support for ASCII Protocol 2.5 - including the new FindTagCommand to simplify the implementation of tag finding.
  • The new ReaderOperation API to help simplify RFID App development.
  • USB support for UWP-based projects
  • A new connection mechanism (AsciiTransportsManager) while retaining ReaderConnectionManager to maintain full backwards-compatibility with existing projects.
  • Sequencing of synchronously executed ExecuteCommand() calls to eliminate cross-thread "Command is already executing" exceptions
  • New Bluetooth pairing support via the BluetoothSecurity class allowing Apps to programatically initiate a pairing to a Reader
  • HostBarcodeHandler - a helper class to initiate a scan on supported terminal barcode scanners. (Currently supports Honeywell, Zebra, Motorola, Symbol and Datalogic terminals)

The Tsl.AsciiProtocol.Std library is also designed to be backwards-compatible with Tsl.AsciiProtcol PCL library code to provide your project with a smooth transition to .NET Standard.

The release contains documentation in HTML format (Docs/HTML folder)

Open "Docs/HTML/Index.html" with your favourite browser and go to the Concepts Page where you will find information about TSL's APIs and the Getting Started guide.

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  • Last Updated: August 1, 2022
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