1166 Bluetooth® Rugged UHF RFID Reader

  •   Made for iPod iPhone iPad

    The new 1166 Bluetooth® Rugged UHF RFID Reader provides high performance UHF RFID reading/writing with all host devices in an ultra-tough and rugged form factor.




    RFID Explorer

    RFID Explorer

    Scan Scan Write

    Scan Scan Write

    RFID Web Wedge

    RFID Web Wedge

    RFID Tag Finder

    RFID Tag Finder

    TSL® Reader Configuration

    TSL® Reader Configuration

    The above Apps have been created by TSL® to demonstrate the performance, functionality and versatility of our Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers. They also serve as demonstration of TSL’s powerful ASCII 2 Protocol. This sophisticated, parameterised protocol provides the developer with a powerful set of commands that carry out multiple actions locally within the reader. This approach enables multiple tag operations executed using simple pre-configured ASCII commands, which speeds up integration of the reader into applications. There are also an ever-increasing number of compatible Third-Party Apps available.

    Ultra Rugged Design

    Highly resistant to water, dust and mechanical trauma.

    Choose your Barcode Imager

    A range of optional barcode engines can be specified to provide 2D data capture at distances of up to 15m.

    Batch Mode Operation

    The 1166 can store over 250 million* transponder EPCs – date and time stamped by the on-board Real Time Clock. The internal storage can be directly  mounted in a Windows environment using the 1166 Docking Station Kit (separate purchase).

    All Day Scanning

    A high capacity battery enables non-stop operation of the reader over the full working day.

    Attach Smartphones or Handhelds

    Use standalone or devices can be mounted on top of the reader using an easy press-lock adapter to provide a one-piece solution.


    Compatible Software

    Free SDKs
    Works with all software that has been developed for TSL® Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers.

    OS Independence

    Operates with Android, iOS and Windows.

    Docking Station

    Docking Station (separate purchase) provides charging of the 1166 Reader and direct USB data connectivity with the embedded NAND storage card.

    1166 Charging Options Infographic

    1166 Charging Options

    * For units manufactured in August 2020 onwards with a 16GB NAND storage card.  Units sold before this time will have 4GB or 8GB of storage and will store fewer EPCs.

  • Physical and Environmental Characteristics

    Dimensions: 177 x 94 x 170 mm (LxWxH)
    Weight: 860g (inc. battery)
    User input: Single stage trigger
    User feedback: Speaker, vibration motor, LEDs
    Power: Rechargeable Lithium Ion removable battery pack (11.25V, 2950mAh, 33.2Wh)
    Enclosure materials: Polycarbonate and TPU

    Performance Characteristics

    RFID Engine: TSL® custom module with embedded Impinj R2000
    Communication protocols: TSL® ASCII 2.0 parameterised command set
    Memory: Embedded 16GB* NAND storage card – store up to 250 million* date and time stamped EPCs
    * For units manufactured in August 2020 onwards. Units sold before this time will have 4GB or 8GB of storage.
    Compatible Host devices (Bluetooth®): Any Bluetooth® Host supporting the Serial Port Profile (SPP) or Human Interface Device (HID) profile (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows).  Comparison of Bluetooth® modes for TSL® UHF Readers
    Compatible Host devices (USB): Any USB host with FTDI VCP driver support (Android, Linux, Mac, Windows)


    Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
    Charging Temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
    Storage Temperature: Less than 1 month at at -20 to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
    Less than 3 months at -20°C to +45°C (-4°F to 113°F)
    Less than 1 year at -20°C to +20°C (-4°F to 68°F)
    Humidity: 5% to 85% non-condensing
    Drop specification: 1.8m
    Tumble: 1500 0.5 metre tumbles at room temperature
    (3,000 cycles)
    Environmental Sealing: IP67*
    Electrostatic Discharge: ± 15kVdc air discharge; ± 8kVdc contact discharge

    RFID Performance

    Standards supported: EPC Class 1 Gen 2
    Nominal read range2: Up to 8 m (26 ft)
    Field: 110-degree forward facing (approx.) measured from front of device
    Antenna: Circularly Polarized
    Frequency Range: EU: 865-868MHz; US: 902-928MHz
    Output Power: 34dBm EIRP

    Barcode Scanning

    Barcode module: Optional 2D imager
    2D Imager Specifications:
    Sensor Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels
    Field of View: Horizontal: 40°, Vertical: 25°
    Focal Distance: SR: 8 in. DL: 5.3 in. HD: 2.9 in.
    Aiming LED (VLD): 655 ±10nm Laser
    Illumination Element: 625 ±5nm LEDs (2x)
    Min. Print Contrast: Minimum 25%
    Symbologies Supported: 1D: All major codes 2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Composite, RSS, TLC-39, Datamatrix, QR code, Micro QR code, Aztec, MaxiCode Postal Codes: US PostNet, US Planet, UK Postal, Australian Postal, Japan Postal Dutch Postal (KIX)
    DL Focus Near Far
    5 mil Code 39 1.4 in./36 mm 7.3 in./185 mm
    100% UPC 1.6 in./41 mm 12 in./305 mm
    5 mil PDF417 2.8 in./71 mm 4.5 in./114 mm


    Bluetooth®1: Bluetooth® Version 2.1
    Bluetooth® Profiles: SPP Profile
    HID Profile
    Apple iAP
    Bluetooth® Power: Class 2
    Bluetooth® Range4: 30m
    Bluetooth® Pairing: PIN, Simple Secure Pairing, NFC OOB Pairing (TBA)

    Peripherals and Accessories

    External Interface: 8-way sealed connector with gold plated contacts
    Bundled accessories: Battery
    Other Accessories: Docking Station with power and USB cable
    Adapter mounts for a variety of smartphones, handheld terminals and touchscreen devices


    General: Approved for use in the US, EU and Australia.
    Electrical Safety: (UL60950-1, CSA C22.2 No.60950-1, IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1)
    EMI/RFI: (USA: FCC Part 15,
    EU: EN 301 489-3, EN 301 489-1, EN 301
    489-17, EN 302-208, EN55022 Class B, EN55024)
    Laser Safety: (IEC Class2/FDA Class II in accordance with IEC60825-1/EN60825-1, 21CFR1040.10)
    RoHS: 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)
    Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment
    2015/863 (RoHS 3)
    Amendment to Annex II of 2011/65/EU


    The TSL® 1166 reader is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year (12 months) from date of shipment, provided the product remains unmodified and is operated under normal and proper conditions.


    * Please note that this IP rating only applies to units with serials numbers ending in -000800 or higher.
    Compatible Bluetooth® stack required in the Host device2 Tag Read/Write performance is dependent on tag type, items tagged, number of tags in the field and other radio and environmental factors3 Artificial lighting can affect scanning performance4 Open field.


  • Please Read: 1166 Ordering Information (PDF)

    1166 Bluetooth® UHF Rugged RFID Reader (no Imager)
    1166-EX1 (ETSI – 865 – 868 MHz) – for operation in All CE Countries, plus Bahrain, Bhutan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE
    1166-EX1-EG For operation in Egypt
    1166-EX1-IN For operation in India
    1166-EX1-RU For operation in Russia
    1166-AX1 (FCC – 902 – 928 MHz)  – For operation in United States, Canada, Ecuador, Guam, Guatemala, Puerto Rico
    1166-AX1-AU For operation in Australia
    1166-AX1-BD For operation in Bangladesh
    1166-AX1-BN For operation in Brunei
    1166-AX1-CN For operation in China
    1166-AX1-CO For operation in Colombia
    1166-AX1-ID For operation in Indonesia
    1166-AX1-MY For operation in Malaysia
    1166-AX1-NZ For operation in New Zealand
    For operation in El Salvador
    1166-AX1-VT For operation in Vietnam
    1166 Bluetooth® UHF Rugged RFID Reader with 2D Imager
    1166-ES1 (ETSI – 865 – 868 MHz) – for operation in All CE Countries, plus Bahrain, Bhutan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE
    1166-ES1-EG For operation in Egypt
    1166-ES1-IN For operation in India
    1166-ES1-RU For operation in Russia
    1166-AS1 (FCC – 902 – 928 MHz)  – For operation in United States, Canada, Ecuador, Guam, Guatemala, Puerto Rico
    1166-AS1-AU For operation in Australia
    1166-AS1-BD For operation in Bangladesh
    1166-AS1-BN For operation in Brunei
    1166-AS1-CN For operation in China
    1166-AS1-CO For operation in Colombia
    1166-AS1-ID For operation in Indonesia
    1166-AS1-MY For operation in Malaysia
    1166-AS1-NZ For operation in New Zealand
    For operation in El Salvador
    1166-AS1-TH For operation in Thailand
    1166-AS1-VT For operation in Vietnam
    Charging Accessories:
    1166-CRD-01-KIT  1166 Docking Station, 65W PSU and Mini USB lead
    IEC-1M-UK  Line Cord (UK Plug, 1m)
    IEC-1.8M-US  Line Cord (US Plug, 1.8m)
    IEC-1.8M-EU  Line Cord (EU Plug, 1.8m)
    1166-BC-UK  1166 External Battery Charger. Includes PSU and UK Line Cord
    1166-BC-US  1166 External Battery Charger. Includes PSU and US Line Cord
    1166-BC-EU  1166 External Battery Charger. Includes PSU and EU Line Cord
    1166-00-BA-3000 Spare Battery – Rechargeable Lithium Polymer for 1166 UHF Reader
    Pop-Loq® Mounts
    PL-CAT-S40 Pop-Loq® Mount for CAT S40
    PL-CAT-S41 Pop-Loq® Mount for CAT S41
    PL-DLX3 Pop-Loq® Mount for Datalogic Skorpio X3/X4
    PL-H-CT50 Pop-Loq® Mount for Honeywell CT50
    PL-H-D75E Pop-Loq® Mount for Honeywell D75e
    PL-H-D75E-X Pop-Loq® Mount for Honeywell D75e – Extended Battery
    PL-IPADAIR2 Pop-Loq® Mount for iPad Air 2
    PL-IPADMINI4 Pop-Loq® Mount for iPad Mini 4
    PL-IPHN5G Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 5
    PL-IPHN6G Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 6
    PL-IPHN6G-PLUS Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 6 Plus
    PL-IPHN7G Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 7
    PL-IPHN7-PLUS Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 7 Plus
    PL-IPHN8G Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 8
    PL-IPHN8-PLUS Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone 8 Plus
    PL-IPHNXS Pop-Loq® Mount for iPhone XS
    PL-IPOD6G Pop-Loq® Mount for iPod 5/6G
    PL-J5-2016 Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016 version)
    PL-J7-2017 Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017 version)
    PL-MOTO-G-GEN3 Pop-Loq® Mount for Moto G (3rd Gen)
    PL-OBD-IPOD5/6 Pop-Loq® Mount for Otterbox Defender, iPod 5/6G
    PL-S5-2017 Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Galaxy S5 (2017)
    PL-S9-PLUS-2018 Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (2018)
    PL-SAMSUNG-TAB-A7″ Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Tab A 7″
    PL-TC20 Pop-Loq® Mount for Zebra TC20
    PL-TC51/56 Pop-Loq® Mount for Zebra TC51 /56
    PL-TC55 Pop-Loq® Mount for Zebra TC55
    PL-TC70/75 Pop-Loq® Mount for Zebra TC70 /75
    PL-XCOVER3 Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
    PL-XCOVER4 Pop-Loq® Mount for Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4


  • We’ve really enjoyed working with TSL®, and our app with the 1128, 1166 and 1153 is simply the best and most affordable option available anywhere for asset tracking and inventory control.

    - Brock Hotaling, CEO
    Supply Insight, Inc.
  • Your 1166 scanner is here being demonstrated at the World Fair Wind at Husum in Germany by our company, for an interested Danish Royal Highness Prince Joachim. We have now integrated your API in our software for app/Android, and our customer, who count some of the biggest companies in the wind industries, they like what they see – well done.

    Readunit, Denmark
  • Just wanted to let you know that the guys at BCDS and our customer really like the performance of the new reader. Our support team have also commented on the excellent post-sales support your own support team have provided in overcoming a few of the issues they have had regarding integration.

    - Michael Azzopardi
    Bar Code Data Systems Pty Limited