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1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader

Lindström Chooses TSL RFID Readers to Improve Operational Transparency and Enhance Customer Experiences

Project Overview

Lindström is a family-owned textile service company operating in 22 countries across Europe and Asia. The organization offers a wide range of textile services that includes everything from workwear, cleanroom textiles, mats, industrial wipers and washroom products to textiles for hotels, restaurants and healthcare. Founded 175 years ago in Helsinki, Finland, Lindström’s vision for 2025 is to be a forerunner in providing more sustainable, easy-to-use textile services with a focus on customer service excellence.


In tandem with its aggressive sustainability goals, Lindström prioritizes investments and strategies that improve customer experience through simplified, accessible services. Digitization is an important component to drive transparency, optimize operational efficiencies and offer conveniences that help the company stand out from the competition.

At any given moment, Lindström may have 12 million pieces of workwear in circulation across 200 industries in several countries, so a robust tracking solution would provide greater transparency and eliminate potential errors and disparities related to the final delivered product.

Lindstrom using TSL Small Mobile UHF RFID Reader

“It’s a complex operation, and without a standardized, digital tracking infrastructure in place, it is not surprising that errors would occur,” said Taneli Ranki, Head of Delivery Services for Lindström. “We essentially needed a solution that could deliver the equivalent of real-time inventory tracking similar to what someone would expect from one of the large global courier services. This would ensure we could accurately confirm with customers that everything had been delivered as agreed.”

Additionally, greater transparency into delivered goods would significantly reduce operational inefficiencies. Without digital tracking in place, for example, customer service representatives had to manually check whether the right items had been delivered when questions arose.


Lindström needed a solution that would meet specific requirements to read millions of garments monthly: it needed to be functional — not to mention portable and durable — and integrate with the company’s existing technologies, including bar codes.
Additionally, the solution must comply with different regulatory requirements across multiple countries and cities. Attractive cost, warranty plans and technical support were also important considerations.

After field-testing solutions from a narrow list of vendors, Lindström selected TSL 1153 RAIN® RFID UHF reader, from Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd., part of HID. The TSL 1153 reader features an ergonomic and lightweight design, with high-performance data collection capabilities, thanks to its powerful microprocessor and outstanding motion tolerance. It communicates via Bluetooth® with a variety of display devices such as phones or tablets to collect the data read.
Not only did the TSL readers exceed expectations in terms of portability and ergonomics, but HID’s global presence were an advantage in terms of local technical support and shipping logistics.
The TSL 1153 mobile readers are now used by delivery service representatives to read millions of delivered and picked up garments at customer sites.

Lindstrom scanning textiles using TSL Mobile UHF RFID Reader

Lindstrom scanning textiles using TSL Mobile UHF RFID Reader

1153 UHF Reader Front

The 1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader


Today, Lindström and its customers are benefitting from a fully digital tracking process akin to a “real-time inventory.” With the digitalization of the company’s textile assets, it is now possible to pinpoint and track individual products, helping Lindström to manage the lifecycle of its textiles in a more detailed manner than before.

Likewise, customers can monitor the status of the textiles in real-time through the customer portal, “eLindström” and are able to optimize the amount of garments needed, reducing overconsumption or overproduction of textiles.

With this improved customer experience, Lindström is realizing lower operational costs and a healthier bottom line.

“Not only do our employees like to use the readers, because of their ease of use, lightweight, compact and ergonomic design, our customers receive exactly what they’ve ordered,” Ranki said. “This simple investment is paying off big in terms of building trust with our clients, especially across country lines. It shows that we keep our promises, and that’s what customers like.”


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Lindström are one of Europe’s leading textile service companies with 170 years of experience in the textile industry. They offer a wide range of textile services ranging from workwear, protective equipment, mats, restaurant and hotel textiles to industrial mats and towels.