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ROSTAN Solutions LLC (a Malcolm Pirnie Company)


Tampa, Florida, USA


Smart Card Reader for Motorola MC70/75/75A


Environmental Engineering

Project Overview


Rostan Solutions is a global engineering and consulting firm with extensive experience in disaster response and recovery to include debris removal monitoring and hazard mitigation services.

For audit compliance, disposal sites are equipped to print debris load tickets for drivers, contractors and applicants.



Rostan operate using HaulPass®, a proprietary system which allows them to manage and document debris removal operations. The HaulPass® system eliminates traditional paper load tickets and related data entry costs as well as simplifying event monitoring and accounting.

However, these load tickets are slow to produce, prone to counterfeiting, errors and legibility issues. An automated data capture method was required to help resolve these shortfalls and decrease overall system implementation costs.


TSL's 1060 Smart Card Reader for Motorola MC70/75/75A

TSL’s 1060 Smart Card Reader for Motorola MC70/75/75A


The HaulPass® system utilizes GPS enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs) to manage the debris process from collection to disposal. TSL’s terminal powered Smartcard Reader was configured for use with a Motorola MC70 for smartcard data gathering.

Rostan deployed TSL’s Smart Card Reader for Motorola MC70/75/75A to implement automated data capture within the HaulPass®, system, thus eliminating the traditional paper based load tickets.



This paperless approach streamlined record keeping and accounting operations with information available through a secure internet platform. The new automated data capture provides many benefits, including:

              • Quicker than preparing a paper ticket
              • Eliminates errors and legibility issues associated with paper ticketing
              • Reduces fraud potential
              • Coordinates/monitors debris eligibility



“Applicants, haulers (prime or subcontractor), and other agencies can take advantage of stored data. By working from a common set of data, the time to create and manage individual stores of information (ticket data entry) is eliminated. In addition, all parties have access to the same information, thereby expediting invoicing and payment processing”.

Darius Stankunas, ROSTAN Solutions LLC