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2136 4-Slot Battery Charger

The Meltzer Clinic uses TSL’s 2136 4-Slot Battery Charger to Charge Surgical Head Torches


The Meltzer Clinic PC specialise in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and require the use of high power, cordless headlights over long periods of time. The headset of each light has space for two batteries which combine to give about five hours of working light.  However, there are least two surgeons using them simultaneously for cases lasting up to ten hours at a time. Reliable chargers are required to keep a continuous supply of spare, charged batteries available.



The Meltzer Clinic utilise the TSL® 2136 4-Slot Battery Charger as an integral part of their equipment, providing a source of constantly charging batteries.

The TSL® 2136 4-Slot Battery Charger


A 2136 4-Slot Battery Charger in use, keeping surgical head torches running for as long as needed.

Advantages of the 2136 4-Slot Battery Charger:

  • Products can still be used whilst other batteries are charging, allowing continuous use.
  • Up to four batteries can be charged at once.
  • The charger senses the inserted batteries and adjusts its charge rate accordingly.
  • The two battery retaining clips can be moved in position to accommodate different battery sizes.
  • Individual charge status LED for each battery slot.
  • Compatible with ‘L’ and high-capacity ‘XL’ EasyPack™ batteries.

Included with the 2136-01-4WMS-CHG Kit – Charger, Power Supply, Plug adapters and two Battery Retaining Clips





Dr. Meltzer & Dr. Ley specialise in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Meltzer Clinic PC, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

For more information on their products and services, visit the Meltzer Clinic at themeltzerclinic.com or email info@themeltzerclinic.com.