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The Watchman Solutions


Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


UHF RFID Reader for the Motorola MC70/75/75A



Project Overview

The heavy construction equipment industry faced two main challenges: minimizing revenue leakage and complying with new state and federal regulations, which were recently updated by the Occupational Safety & Health administration (OSHA).


In order to comply with the new OSHA standards, heavy construction equipment rental companies must implement a unique labelling and tracking system for parts, a means of better record keeping and standardized inspection procedures. The challenge was to create a user-friendly solution that met the OSHA standards and would also help to minimize revenue leakage by improving equipment maintenance procedures, record accuracy, personnel efficiency and work order billing.

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A reliable and effective UHF RFID Reader was integrated with the Motorola MC75 to reduce data entry errors, increase inspection speed and create a safer environment for heavy construction workers


The TSL UHF RFID Reader for the Motorola MC70/75/75A enables the end user to label essential parts of their hoists and cranes with UHF RFID tags, helping them comply with state and federal regulations while streamlining the company’s operations.

Data collected by the  UHF RFID Reader provides the end user with accurate maintenance records and a means of forecasting future service needs.


TSL’s 1101 UHF RFID reader for the Motorola MC70/75/75A


The Watchman Solutions’ system provides multiple benefits: compliance with OSHA standards, increased personnel efficiency, improved asset tracking over the lifetime of equipment parts, shortened billing cycle, increased accuracy of records, reduced fraud potential and manufacturer’s warranty claims.


“The superior read range capacity of the TSL UHF RFID Reader meant that user expectations were far exceeded and has allowed for faster, more accurate inspections.”