Although the Motorola MC55 and MC65 are externally very similar the internals are very different. The hardware is based on a completely different processor and the MC65 has more in common with the ES400 rather than the MC55. Motorola has done a lot of work to ensure that the USB behaviour of the MC65 is very similar to that of the MC55 but this has only been realised in the latest revision on the OS.


To ensure any snap on for the MC65 works correctly the terminal should be updated as described below.


  1. Required OS Image
  2. Obtaining the latest OS Image
  3. Obtaining the HotFix (only applies to users of OS release 2.31.0002)




Required OS Image

For correct operation of the MC65 with any snap on the terminal needs to be updated to a version of the OS that correctly supports the USB On-The-Go mode. Technology Solutions UK Ltd recommends that an MC65 is updated to OS OEM 2.40.0211 or higher.

If using the older 2.31.0002 build the HotFix released to address USB issues needs to be applied.






1. Obtaining the latest OS Image


Please visit

  1. Search for “Update Loader”
  2. Specify Product Line as “Mobile Computers”
  3. Specify Product as “MC65”
  4. Specify Document Type as “Software Downloads”






2. Obtaining the HotFix (only applies to users of OS release 2.31.0002)


Please visit:

MC65xx – USB Rollup Hotfix March 2012 – SPR 21062, SPR 21043, SPR 20872, SPR 20728, SPR 20690, SPR 21742.

If you require more information then please contact us.