While the samples in this SDK are still valid, rather than using the dlls provided in this SDK we recommend you use the PCL or .NET Standard nuget package to deploy the library for your project.

The Windows .NET Software Development Kit features:

    • TechnologySolutions.Rfid.AsciiProtocol – a set of easy to use .NET classes encapsulating the TSL UHF ASCII 2 protocol provided as a .NET Desktop dll
    • Library documentation – available as a browsable chm file, an XML file for intelli-sense integration within Visual Studio and a user guide explaining the structure and usage of the SDK
    • ASCII Protocol Inventory – quick start sample Visual Studio C# project demonstration the use of the API
      • Connect to a reader via a virtual com port
      • Performing an asynchronous command (inventory and barcode scan)
      • Performing a synchronous command (inventory and barcode scan)
      • Using command parameters and observing different output (inventory session and target)
    • ASCII Protocol Explorer – a companion application that developers can use to familiarise themselves with both the API and the underlying ASCII Protocol.
      • Select an API command, configure the command’s properties and see the corresponding ASCII 2 command line
      • Type in an ASCII 2 command line and see the corresponding API command and properties
      • Create Shortcuts for frequently used commands
      • Execute commands and monitor the raw responses received from the reader
      • View the messages generated by the API for incoming responses

The Windows Software Development Kit can be freely downloaded from the following Product Download pages (free registration is required to download files):


1166 Bluetooth ® Rugged UHF RFID Reader


1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader


1128 Bluetooth ® UHF RFID Reader