Watch atlasRFIDstore’s Quick Setup Guide Video for the TSL® 1128 UHF RFID Reader

8th June 2021


atlasRFIDstore has produced a quick video guide to getting started with the TSL® 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader using the free demo app RFID Explorer.


Founded in 2008, atlasRFIDstore is a trusted source in the RFID hardware industry. They are a global retailer providing customers with a secure, one-stop location where you can buy RFID components for your own systems and applications. atlasRFIDstore sells name-brand products in virtually every RFID hardware category, so you can build cost-effective RFID solutions across a variety of verticals.

atlasRFIDstore’s offices are located in the Innovation Depot, a technology hub in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. They have customers all around the globe and ship products worldwide.