.NET Windows Desktop version of the UHF ASCII 2 SDK updated to v1.0

11th December 2013



TSL are pleased to announce that the .Net Windows Desktop UHF ASCII 2 SDK has now been updated to v1.0.  The update provides:

    • Full support for the latest ASCII 2.1 command set
    • Additions to the existing inventory sample:
      • Switch sample to demonstrate the various ways in which the switch can be configured
        • Customise the primary and secondary trigger press
        • Turn off trigger actions and take full control from host with trigger change notifications
        • Emulate trigger presses with soft trigger command
      • Read Write sample
        • Demonstrates reading and writing to transponders
        • Select by TID or EPC
      • Commands sample
        • Example of using all major commands in the ASCII 2.1 release
        • Download and configure logging to SD card
        • Download and configure the auto-run file on the SD card
        • Rewrite a transponder EPC
        • Lock command support


This release can be downloaded as a zip file from the ‘downloads area’ of our ASCII 2.0 compatible products (free registration is required to download files), such as the new 1128 Bluetooth® Handheld UHF RFID Reader.