TSL 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader Selected for Complete AniTrace Livestock Management Solution

10th December 2014


Today, TSL announced that the 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader was selected by HANA Micron for an innovative livestock management solution.

The AniTrace animal traceability solution enables ranchers, feedlots, meat packers and other livestock professionals to track and trace their animals with precision through streamlined, real-time data collection. The availability of accurate information throughout the supply chain is key to improving safety in the livestock industry, while reducing costs through greater efficiency and productivity.

HANA Micron’s complete AniTrace solution works with the 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader paired with Android-powered smartphones and tablets in the field for precise multi-yard management, eliminating traditional ‘cowboy math’. The superb read range and reliable performance of TSL’s rugged, handheld RFID reader, coupled with the user-friendly AniTrace software, speeds and facilitates daily inventory tasks such as shipping and receiving animals, administering vaccinations and other health treatments, and moving animals between pens.

Management Solution“TSL is a true RFID innovator, and the 1128 Bluetooth® RFID Reader represents the quality mindset of the company,” said James Choi, Vice President of System Integration, HANA Micron America. “Working in conjunction with our complete AniTrace solution, TSL’s RFID reader makes it easy to track the health and performance of individual livestock animals in real-time, which is critical in the event of disease outbreaks.”

HANA Micron recently received a $6 million contract from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for UHF RFID ear tags, chosen for their quality and proven performance in the field. Under this contract, the U.S. government will provide AniTrace RaFID UHF tags to state, federal and tribal animal health officials as part of the USDA’s animal disease traceability and disease control program.

“HANA Micron are known for their specialized RFID animal traceability solutions, with demonstrated success in Australia, Korea and Brazil – home to the largest cattle population in the world,” said Dr. David Evans, Managing Director of TSL. “Leveraging the unique TSL ASCII 2 protocol, AniTrace software was optimized for outstanding performance with the 1128 Bluetooth® RFID Reader, maximizing the read range of UHF ear tags to reduce stress on the animals and significantly increase speed and efficiency in the field.”

Through integration of the AniTrace animal monitoring solution with the TSL Bluetooth-enabled reader, HANA Micron delivers an all-in-one solution for monitoring all animal movement and transactions. The unique AniTrace solution helps to minimize human error, optimize worker productivity, reduce loss of animals, and most importantly, improve consumer safety.