TSL Mobile RFID Readers Click With Clarity™ Inventory Retail App from Xterprise

15th September 2014


Today, TSL announced that our high-performance Bluetooth®-enabled UHF RFID Readers have been fully validated for use with Clarity™ Inventory software for retail inventory management across national retail chains.

Retailers can achieve fast, accurate, item-level inventory counts using TSL’s 1128 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader or 1153 Bluetooth® Wearable UHF RFID Reader paired with Clarity™ Inventory. Developed by Xterprise, the Clarity™ software is now available for iOS-powered devices, such as iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, and soon will be available for phones and tablets running Windows 8 operating system.

Item-level RFID tracking delivers improved inventory accuracy and store backend and on-shelf reporting which can transform retail operations, both in-store and throughout the supply chain. This heightened visibility and accountability helps retail brands increase sales, reduce excess inventory and shrink, eliminate audits, and drive omnichannel fulfillment through in-store pickup and ship from store capabilities.

“The TSL 1128 Bluetooth™ RFID reader has proven capabilities to scan thousands of items at one time; a critical requirement for retail inventory management,” said Dean Frew, President and CEO of Xterprise, a subsidiary of the SML Group. “A retailer using cloud-based Clarity™ Inventory software and the TSL RFID reader can improve their business case by as much as 20 percent, versus traditional RFID terminals and other applications.”

UHF RFID ReadersClarity™ Inventory software leverages the power of cloud computing and pervasive mobile devices to reduce costs and set-up time, enabling retailers to quickly implement a targeted merchandising plan using real-time inventory visibility gained with precise RFID tracking. The latest iOS version of Clarity™ Inventory is based on the proven performance of the existing Windows Mobile application that retail brands around the world rely on for inventory accuracy.

“The Clarity™ Inventory software running on the iOS platform paired with the TSL Bluetooth UHF RFID readers provides great flexibility on a low cost, world beating platform. Implementation costs are further reduced by using a TSL Bluetooth™ RFID reader paired with the type of iOS devices that many retailers already have in-house,” said Dr. David Evans, Managing Director of TSL. “The unparalleled productivity offered by TSL’s 1128 or 1153 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers is well-matched by the precision of Clarity Inventory software, offering valuable, item-level inventory intelligence for a more profitable business.”