Xamarin 1.2 SDK for PCL

19th September 2019


Over the summer we released an update to the Xamarin SDK which is available here.

This release uses the Tsl.AsciiProtocol PCL library v1.3.6 (available via NuGet) which contains many new features including:

  • Full support for ASCII Protocol 2.5 – including the new FindTagCommand to simplify the implementation of tag finding.
  • USB support for UWP-based projects
  • A new connection mechanism (AsciiTransportsManager) while retaining ReaderConnectionManager to maintain full backwards compatibility with existing projects.
  • Sequencing of synchronously executed ExecuteCommand() calls to eliminate cross thread “Command is already executing” exceptions
  • New Bluetooth pairing support via the BluetoothSecurity class
  • HostBarcodeHandler – a helper class to initiate a barcode scan on the terminal from reader trigger for supported terminals

The Sample Projects, in this release, have all been updated to demonstrate USB support for UWP Apps and fix minor bugs.