Tough deadlines, the minute by minute pressure on all personnel in a warehouse or distribution centre lead to an intensive, busy environment. This environment relies on having accurate information available at the right time to the right personnel.

Our barcode scanning and RFID solutions will help provide this information in a timely and reliable manner, greatly reducing errors and providing significant increases in the efficiency and cost effectiveness of an operation.

Warehousing and Distribution require rapid and accurate data collection to ensure reliable operations. The operating environment is aggressive, requiring rugged solutions. Our ergonomic barcode and RFID solutions are ideal in these applications and help to enhance employee productivity.

Customers using RFID in Warehouse & Distribution

The typical applications where TSL products can be used are:

• Order picking and staging
• Load management
• Shipping
• Inventory management
• Sort operations
• Transfers
• Receiving
• Stock management
• Distribution visibility
• Inventory management
• Stock locations
• Replenishment
• Time and attendance