Is a Built-in Scanner Available?

If your mobile device has a built-in laser barcode scanner, then compatible apps (such as RFID Explorer) can quickly establish a Bluetooth® connection by scanning the QR Code printed on the TSL® Reader.

Launch the compatible app and then proceed with the following instructions.

Locate the QR Code

TSL Readers come with a QR Code that can be used for pairing and connecting.

The QR code is typically on the top of the Reader but, on some models, the QR code may be located on the side or bottom.


The QR Code contains Bluetooth® pairing details.

Prepare the Reader

Pull the Reader’s trigger to wake the device.

Ensure the Reader is on and the Blue LED flashing.


If the Blue LED is ON…

If the Blue LED is on continuously (i.e. not flashing) then the Reader is already connected to another App (possibly on another device). Disconnect the Reader from the other App before continuing.

Activate the Barcode Scanner

In your compatible app, begin the laser scanner using either the standard scanner buttons or any in-app controls.

Target the scanner on the QR code. If other barcodes are nearby, you will need to cover these so that only the QR code is scanned.


If the App does not respond when a QR code is scanned then some configuration of the terminal may be needed.

How to do this is described here:


The first time your device sees a Reader it needs to pair to it. During the Pairing process, your device may show a dialog to confirm the pairing – allow it to do so. You do not need to share contacts, if prompted.


A Bluetooth® pairing will now be established between your device and the TSL Reader. Depending on the app you are using, you may also need to select the reader again within the app.


If the connection fails, try again, ensuring the TSL Reader has remained on.

If the connection fails multiple times then go to the Bluetooth® Settings, locate the Reader (by its serial number) and Unpair/Forget the pairing.