EchoRFID PipeTalker offers Material Tracking and Traceability Management system using TSL® UHF RFID Readers for Pipeline Construction and Utilities Management

18th December 2017


EchoRFID Services

EchoRFID has successfully developed a system using TSL® UHF RFID Readers that will revolutionise how Pipeline integrity management will be conducted in future. It provides significantly greater value to pipeline owners and operators through innovative RFID mobile data collection and data management.


EchoRFID Pipeline integrity management

The TSL® 1166 Bluetooth® UHF RFID Reader plays a vital part in EchoRFID‘s solution, providing the read performance, ruggedness and durability required for these demanding work environments.

The patended EchoRFID™ management system, PIPETALKER™

More information

The patended EchoRFID management system, PIPETALKER, is featured in an in-depth article within this month’s issue of World Pipelines Magazine – the article can be read here.

For more information about EchoRFID, you can visit their website at

EchoRFID and PIPETALKER  also feature in a recent article in RFID Journal.