Xamarin 2.0 SDK for .NET Standard

19th September 2019


The next major version of the Tsl.AsciiProtocol SDK for .NET Standard development is nearing completion. This release will see the debut of Reader Operations – an alternative API to simplify many of the common RFID tasks such as Inventory, Scanning barcodes, Reading from and Writing to tags. We have also implemented a “Tag Finder” Operation, the most requested addition to the TSL® SDK. The SDK will ship with a multi-page, Xamarin Forms Sample Project that supports Android, iOS, Windows UWP and Windows WPF.

The release will also contain newly revised documentation where you will find all the information about the TSL® ASCII Protocol, TSL’s APIs, Application Notes  and the Getting Started guide.

If you want to get a head start in developing with the new SDK, the Beta-release is available here.